Wednesday, November 9, 2011


I have several blogs. One of them was just to ponder daily life. One was to record my housekeeping duties and projects. One was to record my progress towards becoming a baker. Then I share a blog wit ha friend on how to live a more eco-friendly lifestyle. I was excited to start all of these, and all of these are still projects close to my heart. Most importantly, I have found something that pulls all of these together and reveals what I was unwittingly working towards all along- namely, modern homesteading. I want to be a small scale farmer.

For the uninformed (as I so recently was), modern homesteading is a growing movement that supports and educates those who want to make their homes into more traditional homesteads- places wehre many of the necessities of life are grown, harvested, and made, rather than purchased at a store. It promotes self-sufficiency, independance, and much personal satisfaction. I know I'm always happier wearing a scarf I've knitted (or that has been knitted for me) than one I bought. It covers the full run: from a veggie patch and a few chickens, to full fields and orchards, and it's what I've been searching for my whole life, but only realized in glimpses.

While this movement is specifically adapted to suit anyone who lives anywhere, that's not always quite so true. Sadly, the only livestock I can currently have is two cats, and the only (flower) garden is full of deer. In truth, I reside in a condo, and must restrain myself to comply with condo rules and regulations, and those my father sets as we live with him while my hubby is finishing school.

This, as you might imagine, provides me with much impatience and vexation. What's an aspiring homesteader to do in such a restrictive situation?

I created this blog to cover the upcoming journey- from condo resident to homesteader. And this first chapter will cover the search for our own bit of land, and the steps I take and places I visit to help prepare me for the future, and pacify me as I wait for it to arrive.

Welcome! Your seat by the fireplace (we will own someday) is prepared. Please enjoy your stay!